Afterpresent Records is a division of Covenant Recordings founded by Noisewall at the beginning of 2018.  The label is mainly focuses on Electro House, Progressive House and Dance music. 

In the same year Afterpresent launched a radio show called Afterpresent Radio, hosted by a different artist from the label. Starting with Sebastian Buitrago with his track ‘Funki’ the label has over 100 track releases. 

This project was born from the passion and dedication that Noisewall has to produce and listen to this new genre of music called ‘Jungle terror’.

Afterpresent is being created to give all new talent the opportunity to make their work known and also to bring this new type of EDM music to higher levels.




Hi there, please before to send us your music take the following criteria into account:

  • Don’t submit bootlegs, mash-ups or promos. If you’d like to send your promo for NSWLL RADIO, please submit here!
  • Make sure to offer your demo exclusively to Afterpresent Records, not to other labels.
  • Please note that we only listen to demo’s submitted via contact form.

You may assume that once you’ve submitted demo via this way, we have received your demo in good order and that our team will listen to your track. Therefore, please don’t submit your track more than once. In case of interest, we will contact you within 30 days. If we haven’t contacted you by then, please feel free to send your demo to other labels.